Mentoring by Loren Marino

Westminster Kennel Club
Photo 1 : Xander at Westminster | Photo 2: The bond between owner and companion is never stronger.. | Photo 3: Shannon at the Westie Centennial | Photo 4: Hector Making History, 1st Cesky BOB at Historic Morris & Essex | Photo 5: Hector BOB at Westminster KC
I was raised in a family who owned and exhibited Scottish Terriers.
I have Owned, Bred and Shown West Highland terriers for 35+ years.
I have Owned, Bred and Shown Cesky terriers for more than 15+ years.
My 35+ years of experience with dogs also includes dog training, military K9, genetic study and behavior work.
My breeding philosphy is based on careful, responsible breeding with genetic testing and health screening.

All of my dogs live in the home and are never kenneled.

Puppies are always raised in the home and have hand-rearing, including early stimulization techniques and conditioning.

At the heart of my breeding program are loyal, well mannered, even tempered, canine companions.

I support the fancy of competitive sport and working dogs (Such as police, search and rescue and service dogs for the disabled).

I meet the Requirements for mentoring in both Westies and Cesky and have mentored many judges,
new owners, and people who simply want to learn more about the breed, in many countries over the years.

I am ALWAYS happy to mentor and invite you to seek me out at shows,
by phone, email and on Facebook where I am part of a mentoring group for Cesky Terriers.

Click Here to go to the Cesky Club of America's:
Cesky Terrier Mentoring Group on Facebook, For Judges and New Owners!!!

E-mail me at: Altrinchamterriers@gmail.com +393494790192 (via WhatsApp)
+17325517607. (Also by WhatsApp)
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